Do You Know Your Wonderland Business Shadow Archetype?

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Using characterized archetypes to identify how we behave in any given situation, be it in life or business, is a fun and easy way to learn about how we can become the best version of ourselves.

You've probably heard of the Enneagram personality chart (if not, you can take this quiz to learn your Enneagram personality) and have probably even taken a few Enneagram quizzes to identify your own personality traits.

This quiz is similar in that it helps you discover your business

And because I'm cool like that, I took the time to craft each archetype into an Alice in Wonderland character.

You're welcome.

With this quiz, you'll learn which Wonderland business shadow archetype you resonate with most and how you can reparent the toxic tendencies that come along with it, as well as how you can create business systems that make running your online empire a piece of carrot cake.


A business shadow archetype is a generalized identity clarifier for how someone negatively engages in their business practices or lack thereof.

If you're familiar with shadow work, then you already know that the shadow self is the parts of our identity that we struggle to acknowledge out of fear, shame, guilt, or any other negative emotional influence.

Left untreated in our business, these shadow aspects sabotage our behavior with tendencies like: identity suppression, time management struggles, burnout, people-pleasing, micro-managing, crap marketing strategies, copycatting, negligence, and then some.

Just like a typical Enneagram chart, your Wonderland Business Shadow Archetype is a general characterization based on which archetype you resonate with the most.

That being said, you may find that you resonate with other archetype characteristics as well.

That's totally normal! From what I've experienced and observed, we all have a few shadow tendencies from each archetype.

After you've taken the quiz, check out each corresponding blog post to read through each archetype and see which ones you also resonate with most.
  • The Alice

    AKA, "The Wandering Shadow," this archetype has a tendency of bouncing around from idea to idea, project to project, without getting anywhere significant. Learn More About THE ALICE

  • The Red Queen

    AKA, "The Dictator Shadow," this archetype has a tendency of being bossy and overbearing, failing to respect the advice of others, and throwing tantrums when things don't go her way. Learn More About THE RED QUEEN

  • The White Rabbit

    AKA, "The Conformist Shadow," this archetype has a tendency of being a people-pleaser to a fault and struggling to make decisions without looking to someone else for approval. Learn More About THE WHITE RABBIT

  • The Mad Hatter

    AKA, "The Passionate Chaos Shadow," this archetype has a tendency of getting carried away with the creative whimsy of their brand while struggling to show up for the serious work. Learn More About THE MAD HATTER

  • The Absolem

    AKA, "The Misunderstood Sage Shadow," this archetype has a tendency for giving off a "higher than thou" attitude by sending out erratically posted and confusing marketing strategies and content pieces that leave their audience annoyed. Learn More About THE ABSOLEM

  • The Tweedles

    AKA, "The Copycat Shadow," this archetype has a tendency of parroting the strategies, keywords, and sales offers of their industry peers, never quite striking out uniquely on their own. Learn More About THE TWEEDLES

  • The Walrus

    AKA, "The Opportunist Shadow," this archetype has a tendency of seeking out quick fixes, taking advantage of others' work ethic, and trying to capitalize on burst-profit opportunities. Learn More About THE WALRUS

  • The Carpenter

    AKA, "The Burnout Shadow," this archetype has a tendency to overextend themselves in their business and for others, ultimately leading in burnout and a profound lack of self-care. Learn More About THE CARPENTER

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The Wonderland Business Shadow Archetype Quiz

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